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Focusing Services on the
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Macintosh OS Systems Consulting

SeeWord Technology started with Macs in the days the the Apple "Puppy Dog Sale," when Apple first introduced the Mac Plus personal computer back in 1984. (You could buy one and take it home for two weeks. If you didn't like it, you could take it back. There is no way I would give mine back!) Since then, we've come a long way, having worked with most Apple systems produced over the years, from individual personal systems to high end X-Servers. If you are thinking about buying your first Mac, you have only one, or your business runs on hundreds of them, you will find that SeeWord Technology professionals can be one of your best assets! Macs are what we do and we do them good! We love the Information Management capabilities of the Apple Macintosh system!

Whether you are looking for someone to help on a one time problem or looking for a long term service contract, we have the Information Technology experts to service your Mac computer needs. We can provide both onsite and remote support, assistance with your regular or wireless networks, data recovery and backup systems, server installation or routine maintenance.

Over the years, we have found that rarely are two computer problems identical. In fact, because the the Mac's ability to be easily customizable, nearly 80 % of all problems which we've run into over the years have been unique and have required an individualized resolution. We've learned to think "outside the box", or "outside the case" in order to provide fast, effective solutions. That's just one of the reasons that have helped us to became the experts.

Technology has improved and changed tremendously over the past several years. Integrating newer systems with the older ones can many times present unique problems. We've resolved numerous solutions. We know that change is inevitable, yet your business still needs to function in the ways that made it successful in the past. Apple has developed some very cutting edge technology over the years. We're here to help you utilize that technology in a ways that suites your business the best!








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