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Home Emergencies and Little Problems

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Focusing Services on the
Apple® Macintosh®

H.E.L.P. Home Emergencies and Little Problems

At SeeWord Technology, we know that all of us have the occasion to run into little problems at home with our personal computer systems. We also have long work schedules and just want somebody to come in and fix it! Can't get on-line? Need help setting up your internet service? Need help learning how to connect your portable MacBook to your home desktop computer? Or maybe you need to set up a home wireless system so you can use your computer in any room of your house? Bought a new Apple TV box and can't figure out how to connect it with your home entertainment system?

Perhaps you have a small business within your home environment and you need temporary or long term assistance with expanding your computer needs? Our personalized service is available to help you out for all your Macintosh related needs.


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