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Database Design

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Focusing Services on the
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FileMaker Database Development

SeeWord Technology professionals have been building and maintaining FileMaker database systems from FileMaker 2.0 through the latest versions of FileMaker Pro. We can provide cross-platform (Macintosh and Microsoft® Windows®) and Web-enabled database applications for single-user and client/server environments. Built on FileMaker database technology, with sophisticated word processing, spreadsheet and data presentation capabilities and integrated backup system with automatic disaster recovery, we can handle all your database needs.

Got data? Need to organize it? Need to find any portions of it fast? Whether it be tracking inventory, sales, real estate, or you need an easily customizable solution for printing labels, barcodes, tracking personnel, if you can imagine it, it can probably be produced in FileMaker Pro.

FileMaker Pro has matured into a very sophisticated and powerful tool for developing database solutions and yet maintains a fast development cycle that is much shorter than other comparable database programs. With the advent of FileMaker Pro 8, the program now offers a wealth of new features and functionality, along with enhanced security and web integration, all of which can be utilized to create a single user solution, or one which can be accessed from multiple platforms, Mac OSX, Smart Phones, iPads, Windows XP, and the web - including serving FileMaker files to both Mac and Windows clients concurrently from a Server or FM Pro running on either platform. FM Server can support up to 250 simultaneous clients.

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service, quality development practices and competitive rates.








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